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Find a room

Find a room in a charming location during your stay in Paris

Are you planning a trip to Paris? Then you need to find the best rooms and apartments in a charming location beforehand. In this piece, we have shared the tips to help you find a hotel that suits all your needs. Click here to…

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travel information online

Testimonies, advice, pictures and more travel information online

Renting the right home on holiday can be very challenging, particularly when a large number of holiday makers is involved. Besides, it can get somewhat confusing to define the real difference between a bungalow, house and cottage.

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Take a handy travel magazine

Take a handy travel magazine or book about your destination with you

A cottage is a relatively small house. The word “cottage” originates from England where it used to mean a home with a ground floor and a storey of bedrooms contained within a roof space. In many other regions, “cottage” is…

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a travel diary

Tell your experiences and adventures in a travel diary

A successful holiday with our kids is not that difficult to “achieve”. Parents who do not believe that’s true haven’t yet realized that this depends solely on them. With our advice, you won’t be part of this category of parents,…

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Five of the best travel books

Five of the best travel books of all time

Usually, there are several reasons for us to want to travel and visit faraway lands: meet people, discover a new culture or religion, recharge or batteries etc… But often, the discovery of new natural scenery is the one reason that…

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