Good addresses for bars and restaurants in Paris

Bars and restaurants in Paris

Published on : 23 September 20193 min reading time

Paris attracts a lot of visitors across the globe in and out of season. Known as the land of lovers, you can’t fail to come by amazing bars and restaurants that uphold the virtue of love. It might be your first time in Paris or you may have been to this side of the world before. Whichever the case, restaurants such as will not disappoint. Here are some of the amazing Paris bars and restaurant addresses that the city has to offer.

French Restaurants and Bars

Whether you are vegan or do not mind having meat as part of your meal, there are several restaurants to explore. Epicure is an award-winning restaurant of the Traveller’s choice 2018 that is found at 112 Rue Du Faubourg at Saint Honroe. It is vegan-friendly and has an amazing courtyard, giving you an ample dining environment. Source Infinie, 18 rue d’Abbeville, is another Paris bar restaurant whose services are impeccable. They have a wine bar and a Gastropub where they save all forms of delicious cocktails and wine brands. Lovers of steak will love the II Etait Un Square located at 54 rue Corvisart. You can also look for a Bedford bar and restaurant for exceptional cocktails.

Small Plate Addresses

Besides the traditional forms of serving, Parisians now embrace the small plate serving trend. This is a classy way of serving that involves the blend of different courses in one meal. One of the small plate restaurants is the Les Francaises found on the 17th arrondissement. It is stylish and offers a long dining room where you can order a range of French courses and amazing cocktails. At Marche Saint Germain, you will find one of L’Avant Comptoir du Marche’s branches that offers a similar setting but with traditional choices as well. You can also choose from its wide range of natural wines.

Street Food Addresses

Who said you have to always visit a five-star hotel to get a mouth-watering meal. On 2nd arrondissement, you will find the Les Petits Rolls de Paris, a warm restaurant that offers an amazing menu for street-food fans. Towards the 4th arrondissement, you will come by Homer Lobster, another street food joint that has been open since February 2018. As you walk towards Montorgueil, you will come by Maison de la Poutine. It is a street food restaurant, probably one of the best pick for cheddar and fries’ enthusiasts. A Paris club sandwich is also a great street food joint.


The above are only a handful of what to expect in Paris. Many other Paris bar and restaurant choices can be found along Rue Montorgueil on the 2nd district of Paris. If you want a food and drinks tour, this might be the best street to begin with. In the heart of the city, you can find exceptional high-end bars, restaurants and brasserie in Paris that are fit for unlimited and vegan feeders. Given that it is known for its fun and freedom, Paris’s bars and restaurants cannot be anything less than amazing.

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