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An original gift idea goes a long way in creating a priceless impression to a friend, a colleague, or a loved one. Gifting someone with a customised notebook is not only an original gift idea, but it is also a unique way of surprising someone on their birthday, graduation, anniversary, or any special occasion. You can browse through www.bookblock.com for more details on customised notebooks. Here is a guide on what you need to know before you purchase a branded notebook.

Why a Printed Notebook

Whether you are considering having notebooks as promotional gifts for your business or you are planning to get one for a loved one, there are more reasons why you should get customisable notebooks. Here are a few benefits of branded notebooks.

1. Customisation Customisation is the first impression everyone gets when they think about custom notebooks. You can have just anything printed on these notebooks in a way that distinguishes your business or friendship from the ordinary. Customising notebooks is not only sentimental, but it also illuminates a sense of purpose to the recipient. People relate well with items that are personal in outlook. 2. Affordability The cost of a print notebook cannot be compared to the value linked to such a gift. Notebooks are the most affordable items that you can have as promotional gifts to your business clients or a gift to a loved one. The good thing is that recipients do not relate the value of a notebook to its size; rather, they link value to the notebook’s customisation. This means that a small-sized notebook is not only economical, but it also induces the same sentiments as a larger one. 3. Reciprocity Gifts are known to be ideal in evoking reciprocity among siblings, friends, and even clients. Sending a notebook with a customised design or message to a loved one or client creates a favourable impression. In return, your bond with them will be enhanced. Clients will want to do business with you. 4. Ongoing Exposure People use notebooks regularly to jot down new ideas or for general notes-taking. Gifting someone with a printed notebook imprinted with a personalised logo, message, or design means that they will have you or your business in their mind regularly.

Methods of Notebooks Personalisation

Customised notebooks come in a variety of models. Regardless of who the recipient of the customisable notebook is, there is quite a wide range of options that you can go for in personalising a notebook. Here are some modern and old-school printing techniques applied in personalising notebooks.

• Screen Printing This technique involves a reproduction of a picture, design, or logo on a screen mesh. Different colours are then passed through the surface of the screen mesh, one at a time, from where the printing takes place. • Full-colour printing This is a digital printing technique where a machine is used to combine the different colours used in printing an image, logo, or design in a notebook. • Laser Printing This is a technique used to engrave a design or logo on the cover of a notebook. Precise cuts are carried out on the material of the notebook’s cover to imprint your design on the notebook. • Debossing Debossing involves imprinting a logo, text, or picture on the cover of a notebook under some heat and pressure exerted on the cover material. The method is precise, high quality, and perfect in maintaining the colours in your design.

What Size of Branded Notebooks is Ideal for Your Needs?

Notebooks come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and designs. Some companies tailor-make notebooks in various sizes to suit the needs of their companies. However, as far as standard sizing is concerned, there are two common notebook sizing approaches, including A-series and B-series sizes. The ideal size of your print notebook depends on your tastes and preferences.

The A-series notebook sizes include the following; • A3- 297mm by 420mm • A4- 210mm by 297mm • A5- 148mm by 210mm • A6- 105mm by 148mm • A7- 74mm by 105mm The B-series notebook sizes include the following; • B5- 176mm by 250mm • B6- 125mm by 176mm • B7- 88m by 125mm

Types of Printed Notebooks

There is a wide range of custom notebooks that vary with the type of cover material used, type of binding, book blocks, or the arrangement of notebook pages. The type of branded notebook to pick will depend on your budget, the purpose of the notebook, and how the notebook will be used.

Here are some common types of customisable notebooks; • Case-bound Notebook This is the most common traditionally stylised type of customisable notebook. It has a classic aesthetic look, with thick and rigid covers. Papers are perfectly bound to this notebook model. Due to its design and outlook, a case-bound notebook is durable and has a professional touch. • Soft-bound Notebooks Soft-bound notebooks are categorised into either Volant, Saddle-stitched, or Singer sewn notebooks. A saddle-stitched notebook is bound using metal staples which are run through the centre of the pages. Singer sewn notebooks are bound using threads which are run through the centre of the pages. While a Singer sewn notebook has visible stitches of the thread used, the thread binding a volant notebook is invisible. The cover of a volant notebook is bound around its pages. • Traditionally-bound Notebooks These types of notebooks will have a joint or a visible groove at their spines. They have added bits of details compared to the ordinary hard-covered notebooks. These features give them an authentic look as well as a touch of durability.

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