Go on a trip abroad and escape daily rountine !

Go on a trip abroad and escape daily rountine

A once in a year vacation trip is far from being a luxurious act. It’s true that going on vacation is pure fun and a way to please oneself and the whole family, but it is also crucial for a good mental health, especially for an employee. Read our article to know exactly why…

How long does it take to rest efficiently?

It all depends on one’s state and tiredness, but it generally takes three consecutive weeks. During the first week, you take a complete break from everything, you literally switch off. But it’s not until the second week that you really begin to relax. The cumulative benefits of the first two weeks mean that in the third week, you find yourself up and ready to fully recover and return to work as energetic as ever.

A rested employee is much more efficient

A holiday break benefits both the employer and the employee. Each of them has something to gain from the latter’s rest days. An employee returning from vacation is more productive, more attentive and vigilant, has better relationships with colleagues and ultimately is much less irritable or stressed. Also, the number of vacation days granted to an employee can greatly influence his commitment to the company he works for.

Can the absence of a holiday break affect your health?

Yes! It may increase stress levels and make you much more vulnerable to burnout. Actually, most of the time, we do notice that many victims of burnout haven’t taken a vacation for no less than a two to three years. The consequences are sometimes, as you can imagine, just tragic. Going on a holiday from time to time is part of good professional hygiene. There was a time when it was fashionable to say that you didn’t have time to take a break as it required a certain social status, a kind of prestigious job. But attitudes have changed nowadays as people are increasingly aware of the importance of caring for their mental health just as they might be concerned about their diet.

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