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A successful holiday with our kids is not that difficult to “achieve”. Parents who do not believe that’s true haven’t yet realized that this depends solely on them. With our advice, you won’t be part of this category of parents, for sure!

What you get when on vacation with family members

Offering moments of sharing and withdrawal into your private life, holidays with family are an opportunity to gather with your relatives and get to reconnect with them even for a couple of days, which can only benefit your relaxation and well-being. These are sensitive periods when family cohesion can be strengthened but tensions wouldn’t be rare either.

Which one is the best destination? Who cares as long as you’re with the family!

Except that the moment you decide to realize this “dream”, sometimes, everything jams when it comes to teenagers. A teenager might hesitate to come, might prefer to be spend his vacation with friends. The destination might seem unattractive to him as most of the time, there will be no TV, no internet connection etc...For a successful family holiday, it is recommended that you meticulously choose your destination and take every family aspect into consideration as with a teenager, things could be a little more delicate. Gone are the days when your child was following you around with undisguised enthusiasm!

Importance of holidays for children

Attention, it is not about blaming parents who cannot offer their children the opportunity to go on vacation this summer, but it’s about understanding the importance of holidays for your children. Note that they have the same lifestyle as you, one that’s often rampant and affects their lives; therefore, the need for a pause from now and then becomes crucial for your kids. The number of hours children spend in day care is often longer than that of the hours parents spend at work. About 9 or 10 hours a day, 50 hours a week ... 50 to 52 weeks a year. As an adult, would we be able to cope with this amount of hours at the same place?

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